School Loans for Single Moms With Bad Credit

If you’re a single mom with bad credit you may be thinking that it’s impossible to go to school and finance your education. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you have the passion and the desire for a better life, nothing will stand in your way, especially a bad credit history. The one good thing about government funded financial aid is that they don’t take into consideration your credit score, or your credit history. They only consider your financial need. If you’re like many single mothers out there, you’ll probably find it easy to get a combination of grants, scholarships, and low-interest loans to pay for your schooling. Here are some ideas to help you get your share of school loans for single moms with bad credit:

It’s a numbers game. The more applications you fill out the better your chances at securing the money you need. If you only fill out a handful of applications, you can expect to receive very little funding, if any at all. Set up a system and be organized. Set your target goal for how much money you’ll need, and don’t stop applying until you reach your goal. In the world of financial aid it’s better to receive more than you need and turn down what you can’t use, than to fall short of your goal and have to pay for things out of pocket, or potentially not be able to attend college.

Consider all options. Loans are just one of the many ways that you can fund your education. Your life is probably already filled with many responsibilities and stressors. You don’t want to add another one in the form of loans that need to be repaid. Try to limit how many loans you get by opening your vision to grants, scholarships, work studies, internships and more. There are so many resources available that you should be able to pay for your schooling with money that never has to be repaid. As a single mom you have a story to tell that will help the money come in.

Recruit help. If your schedule is very busy, don’t use it as excuse for not applying for financial aid. Get a friend or family member to help you fill out as many applications as you need to. If your son or daughter is old enough, you can involve them in the process. It will be a great way to show them how the financial aid process works and it will make them feel proud when they know they’ve helped their mom find the money she needs

Don’t give up. Part of playing the numbers game is getting a lot of rejections. You won’t qualify for every award you apply to, and you shouldn’t expect to. Being able to take rejection like water off a duck’s back is part of the overall game. Don’t let it deter you, use it as motivation to fill out even more applications. Don’t stop your quest until you reach your money target.